Which Is The Best W0295370a Water Filter

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  • Which Is The Best W0295370a Water Filter
  • Which Is The Best W0295370a Water Filter
  • Which Is The Best W0295370a Water Filter
  • Which Is The Best W0295370a Water Filter
  • Which Is The Best W0295370a Water Filter
  • Which Is The Best W0295370a Water Filter
  • Which Is The Best W0295370a Water Filter
  • Which Is The Best W0295370a Water Filter
  • Which Is The Best W0295370a Water Filter

Nowadays, there are so many products of w0295370a water filter in the market and you are wondering to choose a best one. You have searched for w0295370a water filter in many merchants, compared about products prices & reviews before deciding to buy them.

You are in RIGHT PLACE.

Here are some of best sellings w0295370a water filter which we would like to recommend with high customer review ratings to guide you on quality & popularity of each items.

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EveryDrop by Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter 1 (Pack of 1) (Packaging may vary)

Last update was on: Sunday, January 5, 2020

Every Drop by Whirlpool Water Filter 1

Glacial Filter W10295370 W10295370a Water Filter Cap Replacement, Refrigerator Water Filter 1, Compatible with EDR1RXD1, P8RFWB2L, P4RFWB, Kenmore 46-9081, 46-9930, 9081, 9930 (3-Pack)

Last update was on: Sunday, January 5, 2020

Don’t forget our intial determimation

Mountain —— Mountain is committed to becoming a seller who have

better service and quality.

What Mountain can bring to you?

Filter out most of the impurities in the water

The longest period of use is 6 months or 200 gallons. 

Keep the useful minerals stay in water.

The easy installtion.Just aim at the direction and put it into the groove.


EDR1RXD1, W10295370A, FILTER 1

Kenmore 46-9930, 9930, 9930P, 469930, 04609930000



W10276924, W10291030, W10295370, W10394044, WRF560SEYB00, WRF560SEYM00,


Operating Parameters

Flow Rate: 0.66 GPM

Capacity: 6 month / 200 gallons

PRESSURE:30-125PSI (207-852kPa)

Temperature: 1-38℃ (34-100°F)

ICEPURE UKF8001 Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter, Compatible with Maytag UKF8001, UKF8001AXX, UKF8001AXX-200, UKF8001P, Whirlpool 4396395, 469006, EDR4RXD1, EveryDrop Filter 4, Puriclean II,3PACK

Last update was on: Sunday, January 5, 2020

EcoAqua EFF-6002A Replacement Filter, Compatible with Whirlpool 4396508, 4396510, Kenmore 46-9010, EveryDrop Filter 5, NLC240V, EDR5RXD1, PUR W10186668

Last update was on: Sunday, January 5, 2020

The EcoAqua model EFF-6002A filter is compatible with the following models:

4396508, EDR5RXD1, Filter 5, 2186444, 2200203, 2203220, 2203221, 2203980, 2255518, 2255520, 2255709, 2305766, 2305767, 2305768, 22033980, 469010, 469902, 469908, 491849, 4392857, 4392922, 4396163, 4396164, 4396509, 4396510, 4396547, 4396548, 4396562, 4396563, 4396918, 4392857R, 4396508P, 4396508T, 4396509P, 4396510P, 4396510P , 4396510T, 46 9010, 46 9902, 46 9908, 46-9010, 46-9902, 46-9908, 8212491, 8212652, 9010, 9902, 9908, 9010P, 9902P, 9908P, L400, L400V, LC400, LC400V, NL240, NL240V, NL300, NLC240, NLC240V, NLC250, WF-300BR, WFL400, WF-L400, WFL400V, WF-L400V, WFL500, WF-L500, WFLC400, WF-LC400, WFLC400V, WF-LC400V, WFNL240, WF-NL240, WFNL240V, WF-NL240V, WFNL240V , WFNL300, WF-NL300, WFNLC240, WF-NLC240, WFNLC240V, WF-NLC240V, WFNLC250, WF-NLC250

Using high-grade natural activated coconut shell carbon as filtration material, the EcoAqua filter reduces bad taste, unpleasant odor, chlorine and other contaminants in tap water that can adversely affect your health over time, delivers cleaner, safer and better-tasting water while leaving essential minerals which is vital to your health.

With refined design, this filter features no fuss installation, making the replacement a breeze. To achieve optimal performance, change your filter every 6 months or 300 gallons. By drinking filtered water, you are cutting cut plastic bottle waste for good. Start drinking better water with EcoAqua in a way that is cost-effective and green.

Refresh Replacement for Whirlpool 4396508, 4396510, EDR5RXD1, NLC240V, Kenmore 9085, Kitchenaid, Maytag, and Whirlpool Side By Side Refrigerator Water Filter (1 Pack)

Last update was on: Sunday, January 5, 2020

Package Quantity:1

Why Refresh? Because quality and value are our top priorities. Buy with confidence from Refresh and refresh your water today!

Refresh your family’s water with the premium and trusted Refresh brand refrigerator water filters. Save big by purchasing a Refresh filter at up to 50% less than the manufacturer part, and save more by purchasing a 2 pack, 3 pack, or 4 pack!

This Refresh Filter is compatible with the following Whirlpool part numbers: 4396508, 4396508P, 4396510, 4396510P, EveryDrop Filter 5, EDR5RXD1, 4392922, 8212491, 2255520, WF-NLC240V, WFNLC240V, NLC240V, WF-NLC240, WFNLC240, NLC240, WF-LC400V, WFLC400V, LC400V, WF-LC400, WFLC400, LC400, WF-NLC250, WFNLC250, NLC250, Whirlpool L400, Whirlpool L500, 28YP99, 28YR61

This Refresh Filter is also compatible with these KitchenAid Refrigerator Water Filters: 4396548, 4396164, 2203221, 2255709, 4396501, 2186444, 2200203, 2203220, 2255518, 2255519, 2305766, 2305767, 2305768, 22033980

This Refresh Filter also replaces the following manufacturer and part numbers: Maytag 8212652; Thermador Refrigerator Water Filters 491849; Sears Kenmore Refrigerator Water Filters: 46-9010, 469010, 9010, 9010P, 04609010000; Water Sentinel WSW-1, RWF-6015; EcoAqua-6015A; 643898, 821652, 6508, 460901000, EDR5RXD3, NL240V, NL300, WFL400V, WFL400, WFL500, 111524, 4609010000, 4609902000, 4609908000, 46195023294, 461951401681, AP3182816, AP3182817, AP3672633


K&J Refrigerator Water Filter Maytag Compatible for UKF8001 Pur – Replacement for Maytag UKF8001, UKF8001AXX, EDR4RXD1, Puriclean II, and Kenmore 9006 (2 Pack)

Last update was on: Sunday, January 5, 2020

AQUWOW Refrigerator Water Filter Replacements 3-Pack for Maytag UKF8001, Whirlpool 4396395, EveryDrop EDR4RXD1, Pur Filter 4, and Kenmore 46-9005 – NSF Certified Clean, Purified Drinking Water

Last update was on: Sunday, January 5, 2020

Fresh and Contaminant-Free!

With so many unknown contaminants that could be swimming in your water, it’s more important than ever to make sure you and your family’s drinking water is free of toxins, chemicals, and other unsafe substances! Keeping up with name brands and pricey repairmen can get tough, but with AQUWOW’s 3-pack of fridge water filter UK8001s, economize as you sanitize!

Your Hydration Station Stats!

The coconut and carbon core in each filter reduces these potentially harmful contaminants:

  • 99.99% Asbestos
  • 99.99% Cysts
  • 99.35% Lead
  • 98.72% Mercury
  • 98.72% Lindane
  • 98.68% Class I Particulates
  • 97.26% Chlorine, Taste, & Odor
  • 97.09% Turbidity
  • 92.97% Toxaphene
  • 76.99% Atrazine

    For Your Refreshing Reference:

    If you don’t see your model, please message us to double check! We’re always happy to help.

    UKF8001AXX, UKF8001AXX-750, UKF8001, 8001P, UKF8001AXXP, UKF9001, UKF9001AXX, WF50, OWF50, WF51, OWF51, WF50-NI300, OWF50-NI300, WF50-KNI300, WF50-NI500, OWF50-WI500, WF50-WI500, WF50-KWI500, 67002269, 67002671, 67003523, 67003526, 67003527, 67003528, 67003591, 67003727, 67006474, 67006637, 12589201, 12589203, 12589206, 12589208, 12589210, 480181700573, 4902821

    46-9005, 469005, 9005, 9005P, 46-9006, 469006, 9006, 9006P, 46-9992, 469992, 9992, 9992P, 469005750, 469005-750, 46-9005-750, 469006750, 469006-750, 46-9006-750, 04609005000, 04609006000

    4396395, 8171032, 8171249

    Drinking Details!

    Your purchase includes three coconut carbon block filters, a set of instructions, and lifetime satisfaction — or your money back! It’s suggested to replace every three-to-six months, or every 300 gallons!

    Bring safety-certified, affordable water filters home. Add the three-pack of AQUWOW water filters to your cart TODAY!

  • Frigidaire WF3CB Puresource Replacement Filter, 1-Pack

    Last update was on: Sunday, January 5, 2020

    Product Description

    The Frigidaire WF3CB pure source 3 replacement ice & water filter is used to replace water filters in Frigidaire side-by-side refrigerators manufactured after 2009. This replacement filter is tested and certified to nsf/ansi standard 42 and 53 for the reduction of at least 95% of contaminants and substances including chlorine, lead, mercury, and alachlor. It is located at the top right of the fresh food compartment and was designed as a “push/push” style filter, making it incredibly easy to replace.

    From the Manufacturer

    The Frigidaire PureSource 3TM ice and water filter system is tested and certified to NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53 for the reduction of claims.

    AmazonBasics Replacement LG LT700P Refrigerator Water Filter Cartridge – Pack of 2, Standard Filtration

    Last update was on: Sunday, January 5, 2020


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